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Koooky Tablet Cases have been developed specifically for the children of the 21st century!

shutterstock_164476811Koooky Tablet Cases have been developed specifically for the children of the 21st century! We make it our business to find out exactly what it is that children like, and have studied how and where they use their tablets.

We have spoken to countless children and their parents to discover what parents need and then combined this with what children want! Through our products, we hope that we can make life a lot more fun for kids and just that little bit easier for Parents in this increasingly mobile world of ours!


When we talked to Parents and Children about the selection of tablet accessories currently available on the market, here is what we discovered….

  • There are very few tablet accessories on the market aimed soley at children. Often products are not actively targeting the needs of the Children & Parents, nor those of modern mobile family life!
  • The products available are not very imaginative.  Colour is the main form of differentiation for products aimed at children. But Kids today expect a lot more from a product. Children’s products need to be much more imaginative, colourful and interesting to attract their attention…. and we tend to agree!!

So we put our thinking caps on and developed a range of cases incorporating parent’s needs in functional design and safety aspects, and combined these with all the imagination, personality & fun stuff that kids want.

So What are the Advantages of a Koooky Tablet Case?

  • Functional Design Advantages
  • Imagination, Design & Personality
  • Quality & Safety

Functional Design Advantages of Koooky Cases

iStock_000033396432XLargeOur cases are designed with children in mind, and for today’s mobile family life.

  • Highly Durable.  Impact and shock resistant case offers the ultimate protection against bumps, drops and scratches.
  • Easy to hold grips at the side make holding the iPad easy and comfortable, even for young children!
  • The characters feet cleverly act as a sturdy stand to enable hands free viewing.
  • Easy access to all iPad connectors & controls, even for larger fingers!.
  • Easy to insert your iPad but difficult for kids to remove!
  • Light Weight & Non Toxic
  • Certified for Quality and Safety
  • Koooky Character cases are currently designed to fit all Apple iPad models.

Koooky character cases capture the child’s imagination through Design & Personality.

  • We designed the Koooky range around animals ….. but why Animals. Well we discovered that all children love animals !  Animals are gender neutral & span a full age range.
  • Children love to use their imagination! By assigning a name and a personality to each character Koooky lets the child use their imagination.
  • All Koooky Designs are registered and protected. We take the needs and wishes of Parents and Children very seriously and are working hard to bring you more fun products in the coming months….. Watch this space!!!

Quality & Safety

For full details on the Certification and safety of our products see our Quality & Safety page.

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