The perfect Accessory for kids and grownups alike!
  • Highly Durable :- Impact and shock resistant case offers the ultimate protection against bumps, drops and scratches
  • Super Light Weight & Non Toxic
  • Easy to hold grips at the side make holding the iPad easy and comfortable, even for young children!
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap at rear for Car Headrest mount – allows easy in car viewing and entertainment.
  • Easy access to all iPad connectors & controls.
  • Easy to insert your iPad but difficult for kids to remove!
  • Easy to Clean with just soap and water!
  • Certified for Quality and Safety

shutterstock_164476811The characters feet cleverly act as a stable and sturdy stand to enable hands free viewing. This feature is really handy when you have one or more kids that want to watch a movie.

The Koooky case will stand up in a location for all to see. No more arguments!

shutterstock_166571030The dense Non Toxic EVA foam, provides extreme shock protection for those inevitable drops & bumps. The foam fully covers the back, sides and extends above the surface of the iPad’s screen, which means that the screen will remain safe from scratches if laid on its face. We have really tested these and bumped them around quite a bit!

The Ergonomically designed openings on the sides of the case allow access to the connectors and controls. We don’t want you to have to remove your Koooky to power up your iPad or get at controls.

We have designed it so that the Koooky case never has to be removed unless you want to.

The Adjustable Velcro strap to the rear of the Koooky case allows you and your family to enjoy your iPad on the move. A perfect solution for entertaining children and fellow passengers with movies, music and games to make long more journeys enjoyable. The velcro strap is easy to install around any headrest and provides a strong, safe and secure hold…

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