Meet the Koooky Gang


Meet Boo the Chocolate Monster

Hi My name is Boo!

Most People don’t understand us Monsters, were not at all scary. Really I’m just a Big softy… a little bit Shy, but ultimately very cute. My friends call me the “Chocolate Monster”!

There is nothing better than a friend…. Unless it’s a friend with Chocolate!! That’s what I say!

  • Favourite Activity :- Chocolate is the Answer…. Who cares what the question is!!!
  • Most admire:- Willy Wonka
  • Boo’s Life Advice…….. Everything in Moderation…………except for chocolate!


Just bursting with personality pink


bubble2Hi my name is Eddie! I am what you might call …………LEGEN…… wait for it….. DARY!!!!

I am AWESOME….. my friend Loko says it’s good to believe in yourself!!!  I just love to leap around and go swimming in the pond with my buddies.

  • Favourite activity :- Being Awesome!
  • Most Admire :- Awesome Eddie….. yours personally!
  • Life advice :- When I’m sad…. I stop being sad and be TOADALLY AWESOME instead!

Meet Tux the Cool Penguin

Hi there, my name is Tux the Penguin! I am a super cool swimmer, and I love to eat fish, krill and squid. My friends and I go Tummy Surfing on the glaciers in Antarctica where I live.

Well ….that’s what I do when I’m not driving around in my Batmobile saving penguins in distress! ……….Don’t act like you’re not impressed!

  • Favourite Activity :- Generally keeping the peace around Gotham city & Tummy Surfing
  • Most Admire… Batman.
  • Tux’s Life Advice ….. Always be yourself!………….Unless you can be BatMan…. Then Always be Batman!
Fun Free Standing Kids case green

Meet OZZY the smart Pig

Hi My name is Ozzy! I’m Super STY-lish and really clever! I’m not always right… but I am never Wrong! Did you know that Pigs are even smarter than Dogs!

I have an amazing sense of smell and use my nose to sniff out all types of delicious food to eat like Leaves, Roots and Fruits.

If it gets too hot, I like to roll in the mud with my friends to cool off! It’s fun you should try it!

  • Favourite Activity :- Bog Snorkelling
  • Most Admire :- Albert Einstein
  • Ozzy’s Life Advice:- Conserve Water……………………Stay Dirty!!

bubbles1Meet Loko the Lion

Hi I’m Loko the Lion! I love to roam the plains of Africa with my friends. You can hear us Roar from 5 miles away! After the girls do all the hunting, we like to sleep in the sunshine for up to 20 hours a day!

Im not Lazy…….. Im just on energy saving mode! Did you know that Lions are the second biggest cat in the world, just after tigers!

We really are incredible!!


  • Loko’s Favourite Activity :- Competing…Taking part and having fun is what’s important!
  • Most Admire:- Usain Bolt
  • Loko’s Life Advice :- Always give 100% !!!!……………….unless you’re donating blood.

MEET OREO the kooky CAT

Hi ! My name is Oreo. I have very good hearing and brilliant sense of smell! I can see really well even at night time! My friends call me a sleepyhead because when I am not playing, I like to curl up and sleep for almost 13 hours a day!

I am really playful and love to climb trees & go snorkelling with my fish friends! I don’t like water so I normally just put my head in the fish bowl to say hi!

Some say I’m a little bit Kooky! I may be a little quirky but I have a big imagination!! Sometimes you need to look at life from a different perspective. What matters most is how you see yourself….

Trust me I’m a Lion! …………Live long and Pawsper!!

  • Oreo’s Favourite Activity :- Snorkelling with fish
  • Most admire :- Nemo
  • Oreo’s Life Advice :- When Life gives you lemons, Keep Them… because Hey… free lemons!