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The story behind the Koooky iPad Cases

PigQuoteI quickly discovered, once I had bought my iPad that the kids used it more than I did. There are now a wonderful variety of child friendly, educational and early learning apps. My seven year old son uses it to help him with his math’s homework, and It is a fun way for my four year old daughter to start learning Spanish.

After one too many accidents, I decided that my sleek case wasn’t going to hold up to the wear and tear from sticky little fingers. I bought the only child friendly case I could find, but I was really disappointed. The case wasn’t designed with the child in mind. It wasn’t exciting or easy for them to hold.

When I tried to find an alternative to suit our needs, I realized that there wasn’t one out there……. And so the Koooky case was invented!

For longer car journeys, the Koooky Car headrest strap is a lifesaver and so easy to attach. The kids watch movies, play games and listen to music. It has really made longer trips more enjoyable for all the family. We also take them when we travel by air which certainly takes a lot of stress out of waiting around in airports.

Children love the different characters and each has a favourite. The Koooky case is fun and imaginative and brings color and personality to the iPad. It is lightweight and easy to grip with little hands! , and most importantly it is made of a durable but non toxic material, safety is our priority!

Check out our products and let us know your feedback and ideas. After all we want to design products that both you and your kids will love, and we would be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you

Tanyia Elliott


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