Product Care

Our Koooky Characters like to be loved, hugged and treated with care! To keep your Koooky Friend happy and healthy, there are a few important points you need to know about what he does not like! We want your Koooky to last long enough to go through all of life’s adventures with you!

  • Don’t put your iPad in or near water or liquids! Although the Koooky Case likes a bath, your iPad will not! Koooky Cases do not provide ANY protection against Water for your iPad! Your iPad is NOT waterproof while utilising a Koooky Case.
  • Don’t try to remove any of the facial features or Strap Buckles. Your Koooky won’t like to have their eyes, ears, teeth or noses pulled off!! Koooky cases are not suitable for children aged 0-3 and we recommend that Parents / Carers supervise their children while using the Koooky Case.
  • Don’t expose your Koooky case to Direct UV Sunlight for long periods. Long Periods of Exposure could alter the colours of the Facial Features & Case itself.
  • Don’t over stretch the Velcro Strap attachment. If you frequently pull the strap close to its limits of extension, it will loose its elasticity.
  • Don’t Leave your Koooky friend close to sources of heat extended periods. They don’t like to get too hot and prefer temperate climates. Heat levels above 45 degrees could alter their shape.
  • Don’t allow Sharp objects to come into contact with the Koooky Case. Sharp objects can pierce and damage the Case material.
  • Don’t Leave your Koooky Friend in Water for extended periods! He likes a bath every now and again but don’t leave him there for over 3 hours!


Your Koooky case has been designed to provide improved protection for your iPad. However we do not guarantee or Claim that it provides TOTAL Protection for your iPad. We take NO responsibility and cannot accept any Liability for damage to your iPad and highly recommend that you treat the iPad with care!