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At Koooky, Safety & Protection go hand in hand!

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The Quality, Safety and compliance of our products is vital to us.

All koooky Products have been independently tested by SGS, a world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification. SGS is recognised as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.

iStock_000033396432XLargeKoooky Products have attained SGS certificates of conformity for the following Product Regulations : CE, REACH, RoHs and CPSIA.

CE :- All our products are CE marked. The CE mark certifies that our products comply with all the Essential Health and safety requirements stipulated by the European directives that apply.

REACH :- European Union’s REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemical Substances – EC1907/2006).

RoHs :- Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances :- These regulations limit or ban specific substances — lead, cadmium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), mercury, hexavalent chromium, and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants.

CPSIA :- The US CPSIA regulation, is designed to allow The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) to better regulate the safety of products made and imported for sale in the U.S. CPSIA also contains regulations that are intended to make products for children under age 12 safer by requiring manufacturers and importers to show that these products do not have harmful levels of lead and phthalates.

Our aim is to make products that children can enjoy safely. If you have any concerns about our Products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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